Eating Off The Floor And 6 Other Traits I Proudly Passed On To My Daughter

Each one of us has about 20,000 protein-coding genes and the composition of these genes is what defines us as individuals. They are passed down to us by our parents and our parents’ parents and our parents’ parents’ parents and this is why my farts smell exactly like my father’s (Don’t fact check me on this one, Neil deGrasse Tyson).

I’m something of an amateur scientist so I urinated some blood and went ahead and mapped out all 20-some odd thousand of my genes to select the top genetic traits that I’ve passed on to my child.

The Ability To Sleep Through A Fire Alarm

Daddy likes his late night grilled cheeses and professional chefs and I both know that the secret to a top-notch grilled cheese is, it’s cooked to perfection when the smoke detector goes off…

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You Should Be Freaking Out – Advice for 1st Time Fathers

Congratulations, you’re gonna be a daddy. Now is the perfect time to panic…


Photo: Jenni Walkowiak

And that’s when it hits you: You’re freaking out.

Good. You should be. It means you care.

If I ever met a first time father-to-be who was steady-handed I’d be so suspicious I’d have to ask, “You’re about to have triplets, how are you not freaking out?”

“Well it’s because tomorrow, I’m, leaving forever.”

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Photographic Evidence

Jenni Walkowiak came by with her camera to immortalize The Fancy Show Brooklyn Comedy Festival show. See more images here.