A Message to Andre 3000 (Please drop a new album)

Times are tough right now & what the American people really need is a new album from Andre 3000. If you know Andre 3000, please forward this to him I think Brian Mitchell & I put together a very compelling argument.


You Should Be Freaking Out – Advice for 1st Time Fathers

Congratulations, you’re gonna be a daddy. Now is the perfect time to panic…


Photo: Jenni Walkowiak

And that’s when it hits you: You’re freaking out.

Good. You should be. It means you care.

If I ever met a first time father-to-be who was steady-handed I’d be so suspicious I’d have to ask, “You’re about to have triplets, how are you not freaking out?”

“Well it’s because tomorrow, I’m, leaving forever.”

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Photographic Evidence

Jenni Walkowiak came by with her camera to immortalize The Fancy Show Brooklyn Comedy Festival show. See more images here.